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Red sonar Em with Studio Plus Isolation Headphone

Direct Sound LLC

Makers of Extreme Isolation and 
Critical Listening Headphones, and Microphones
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"Let's Make More Music.

Set Yourself Apart."


-Direct Sound Pro Audio-

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Direct Sound LLC is a world-class manufacturer and designer of high-quality studio isolation headphones, critical listening headphones, and microphones. Our products are trusted by musicians, producers, engineers, and audiophiles worldwide. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service and a three-year warranty on our products

Critical Listening


Extreme Isolation Headphones


Direct Sound is a 20+-year-old boutique manufacturer of high-quality, world-class studio isolation headphones. Over the years, the company developed and perfected unique headphones, all using environmentally responsible patented passive isolation technology. With our classic line of Extreme Isolation headphones, made in the U.S., Direct Sound has earned admiration and respect around the world.  


As we begin our next chapter, Direct Sound sought out audio experts throughout the world that would join us in developing new products, that would meet our standards, for the audio professional.  


After years of research and negotiations, we formed a partnership with an international firm that specializes in the business, marketing, development, and manufacturing of superior audio products to complement our already successful brand. 


A new sister brand has been named Direxound, to parallel expand Direct Sound international business in Asia, Europe, etc.


Direct Sound and Direxound are excited to now offer a complete line of monitoring, mixing, and mastering headphones in both open and closed-back design, condenser and ribbon microphones, and state-of-the-art studio monitors. This is just the beginning of the next chapter. Let us help you set yourself apart.

Direct Sound Staff at Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

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