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What is NRR?

Noise Reduction Rating

According to the World Health Organization Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a global occupational health hazard with permanent, and preventable injuries.[i]Noise damage is different from most other occupational injuries. It causes no pain or visible trauma, the ears do not bleed when hearing is being damaged, it leaves no visible scars, it is unnoticeable in its earliest stages, it accumulates with each over-exposure, and it generally takes years to diagnose.”[ii]

NRR or Noise Reduction Rating is a standard average rating for how much a given product reduces external sound(attenuation). The problem when specifying noise reduction amounts is that it varies with frequency – treble is generally reduced much more than bass. For example, some hearing protection attenuates 36.7 dB at 8,000 Hz and 25.2 dB at 500 Hz. NRR is used to give a standard single number as a convenient way to compare apples to oranges.

Direct Sound maintains its position in a niche of easy to use Extreme Isolation Headphones due to its unique design and performance. The design is a Passive Isolation Noise Canceling Headphones providing superior High Precision Audio (HPA). Specially Designed cushions act as a barrier between your ears and the outside world. While other headphones may measure their noise reduction capabilities at one specific frequency these offer passive isolation over a wide range of frequencies. The headphones include the latest in high precision audio delivering a full range of frequency response flat to most accurately reproduce an input through the output with minimal enhancements. The flatter the response the more pure the audio, making the listening experience full and enjoyable. Check out the Passive attenuation for our headphones on the product pages.

NRR is a common method for expressing values of noise reduction or attenuation provided by different types of hearing protection.


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