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The Direct Sound DS-65: A Powerhouse Microphone for Discerning Podcasters

For podcasters seeking to elevate their craft, the Direct Sound DS-65 emerges as a compelling contender.

This large-diaphragm condenser microphone offers a unique blend of technical prowess and user-friendly design, catering to both established professionals and aspiring creators alike. Let us delve into the sonic characteristics that make the DS-65 a worthy addition to your recording arsenal.

First, the DS-65 excels in its ability to capture audio with remarkable fidelity. Its expansive frequency response ensures meticulous reproduction of the entire vocal spectrum, from the resonant depth of bass tones to the articulate presence of high frequencies. Whether your voice embodies the richness of a baritone or the vibrancy of a soprano, the DS-65 faithfully transmits its unique character, fostering an intimate connection with your audience.

Beyond vocal reproduction, the DS-65 shines in its noise-canceling capabilities. Its cardioid polar pattern strategically focuses on the sound source while effectively attenuating unwanted background noise. Studio chatter, extraneous hums, and even intrusive ambient sounds are relegated to the periphery, leaving your voice standing out in pristine clarity. This translates to less time spent battling noise reduction software and more time dedicated to crafting impactful content.

Furthermore, the DS-65 prioritizes user-friendliness, eliminating technical complexities that can hinder creative flow. A simple XLR connection to your audio interface, coupled with readily available phantom power, equips you for immediate recording. No convoluted configurations or software hurdles impede your progress – just pure, intuitive recording gratification. Additionally, the included shock-mount safeguards against handling noise, guaranteeing that every nuance of your voice reaches your audience with unblemished fidelity.

The DS-65 transcends the limitations of a singular application, demonstrating remarkable versatility across diverse recording scenarios. Instrumental recordings benefit from its meticulous detail capture, while remote interviews are enhanced by its focused pickup pattern that isolates the guest's voice with exceptional clarity.

Moreover, its robust build quality and protective carrying case solidify its position as a reliable sonic companion, ready to embark on any recording adventure with you.

In conclusion, the Direct Sound DS-65 is not merely a microphone; it is a sonic powerhouse designed to empower discerning podcasters. Its exceptional audio quality, noise-canceling prowess, and user-centric design elevate your podcast to new heights, captivating your audience and solidifying your position as a leader in the audio storytelling realm. Choose the DS-65 and embark on a journey of sonic excellence that resonates with both you and your listeners.


Here are things to consider:


  • Your budget: The Direct Sound DS-65 currently costs around $499.

  • Your audio editing skills: If you are not comfortable with audio editing, you may want a microphone that produces audio that is already close to being broadcast ready. The Direct Sound DS-65 produces warm and clear audio, but as with most microphones, it may require some EQ to get it to sound its best.

  • Your recording environment: If you are recording in a noisy environment, you will need a microphone with good noise rejection. The Direct Sound DS-65 has a cardioid polar pattern, which is good at rejecting noise from the sides and back of the microphone.

  • Warranty: Register on the Direct Sound website and receive a 3 year warranty.

  • Pop Filter: Direct Sound is currently offering a free Pop Filter with your order.

  • Shipping: Direct Sound is currently offering Free World Wide Shipping.


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