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Noise isolation, also known as Passive Noise Cancellation, is the process of reducing noise by placing barriers in the way. Noise isolation in headphones creates a seal using the foam pads, tension from the headband, and structure of the ear cups, similar to how you hear less noise when you cover your ears with your hands. Your ear is physically separated from sound by the barrier, which has the effect of lowering noise levels. While many headphones offer some isolation, the design, fit, and materials of Direct Sounds' Extreme Isolation headphones offer the highest levels of accuracy, clarity, and quality for artists and audiophiles. Check out the Benefits and Features of Direct Sound EX29 Plus v3.0 Extreme Isolation Headphones below.

-Steve Rois-

Founder Direct Sound, LLC


  • TruSound v.2™ High-Performance Speaker Drivers

  • Extremely Comfortable - can be worn for hours

  • Provide up to 36.7 dB of environmentally responsible passive isolation

  • Will not bleed or leak unwanted sound (click tracks into live mics, etc.)

  • Features easy to identify Red is Right™ channel identification

  • Premium detachable cables with easy release

  • A variety of cable extensions to meet your exacting requirements

  • Redesigned Hybrid lncrediFlex™ headband adjustable cushioned headband

  • Completely and easily repaired in minutes without tools or soldering

  • California Proposition 65 compliant

  • Fold for easy storage

  • Extremely durable and practically indestructible

  • Three-year warranty available

  • Made in the USA - Backed by the best customer service on the planet

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