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Dare to be different. Let your visual creativity flow, to make your very own personal statement. Whether it’s custom logos, or just adding and mixing colored components, you become in charge of making your design scream. Logos are a great idea for schools, universities, teams, and corporate gifts. Go ahead, set yourself apart.

-Direct Sound-

  • Custom Printing and Logos

  • Choice of three{3) different headband styles and colors

  • Choice of Speaker Trim Plate Colors - For easy studio identification

  • Total Hearing Protection - Addition of a patented volume-limiting circuit board

  • United States Patent Number US9167340B2

  • Choice of cable extensions

  • Travel Package Kit - Makes your commute or flight more enjoyable

  • Ear Cup Spacer (0.625 inches/1.6cm) for an additional layer of sound isolation foam

  • Perfect for drummers, live production, and other very noisy environments (EX29 Plus only)

  • Braille letter ''R'' Stick-on Tactile - for visually impaired individuals

  • 6.3mm (1/4 Inch)Jack Adapter Holder- Prevents losing the adapter by keeping it convenient

  • Available for both TruSound v2.0 cable extensions and Legacy cables

  • Three (3) Year Warranty Available

  • Details at:

  • Email:

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