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Can I replace my speakers?

Yes, Direct Sound Headphones are made to be field repairable.

Step1 Gently pull the headband protrusions out of the earcup rubber Grommets. Do this for each side, left and right. Put the headband aside for now.

Step2 Pull out the rubber grommet with your fingers, where the headband attaches to the ear cup. Put the rubber grommet aside.

Step3 Insert he 1/4" adapter plug (or use a small tool such as a pocket screwdriver) into the hole where the grommet was and push lightly. The cup should pop looose.

Step4 Gently pry speaker away from the adhesive backing using a small screwdriver or your fingers.

Step5 Lightly press the new speaker into place. The adhesive will hold the new speaker in place. RED is RIGHT, so make sure the "R" speaker is on the RED Cloth.

Step6 Inset the strain relief on the cord into the small slot on the ear cup assembly after the speaker is in place.

Step7 Gently snap the cup back on. You will not need to use too much pressure to snap the cap on. You will hear a slight "snap" sound when it is in place.

Step8 Insert the rubber grommet back into the hole where the headband will attach.

Step9 Insert the headband tips back into the rubber grommet holes. Make sure that the cable is not crimped where it comes out of the earcups.

You're Done! It's that easy!

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