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Bloody Headphones

My audio engineer hates my bloody headphones.

You’ve heard this when you were in the office and your neighbor is playing their annoying music. Come to discover they were wearing their bleeding headphones. You ask them to turn down the volume and it works for a time, then the volume goes up a few minutes later. Ugh!

Do your headphones leak?
Bloody Headphones

Music escaping from your headphones to the outside world is bothersome. Imagine you are in a recording studio. Headphone bleed is the leakage of the audio source output into another audio source's input. This could be a guitar or cymbals sound leaking from a singer's headphones into their microphone.

While microphone selection is a contributing factor The real problem of bleed happens when the headphones expel too much signal. The most likely cause is the design of your headphones. Using sound isolation over-ear, not on-ear, headphones; closed-back, at a reasonable monitoring level.

Sound isolation headphones do not have to be uncomfortably clamped to your head. A proper seal comes from the headphone design, materials selected for isolation including the ear cushion, isolation materials, ear cup, and headband.

Direct Sound Pro Audio headphones like the EX29 plus with patented[i] Ambient Noise Isolation allow the user to substantially attenuate ambient noise levels and focus on the electronic audio presented by the headphone speakers. The unique materials and geometric shapes combine to reduce high-frequency acoustic energy and control boomy base low frequencies, thus reducing input noise and output bleed.


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