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Are you ready for Holiday travel?

Regardless of the reason why you are traveling during the holidays, you need to make sure you are prepared for the trip. If you are going on a flight, remember to bring all those things in your carry-on that you cannot do without upon your arrival. How could they possibly lose my checked bag?

I like to bring a backpack or some other closable bag with essentials like; Any prescription medicine I might need and my tablet and phone with music, videos, and books. Don’t forget your charging cords.

I never like to get on a flight without food and beverages. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stranded on the tarmac waiting for a gate or permission to push. You can usually get a snack through security, but you will need to purchase a beverage after you get through security.

The best thing I bring are my Direct Sound Extreme Isolation Headphones. The passive isolation reduces the overall plane noise and allows me to listen to my music at a much lower volume. When I put on my headphones they also cut out the Blah- Blah-Blah chatter from the seat neighbor. This may be the best part.

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